Monday, July 7, 2014

UNstable: Charlie Cunningham Mountain Bike

An early adopter of aluminum in the construction of lightweight, durable mountain bikes, Charlie Cunningham also fabricated a number of the components used on his bikes.  This particular model features such originals as Rollercam brakes, modified Hi-E hubs with an early Grease Guard fittings, toe cage flips, a custom high-rise stem, on the fly cable tension adjusters,  and hand-lathed seatpost QR and cable stops.  Did I mention this bike has dirt drops?  Check out the carefully re-shaped Cinelli road bars.  These are the precursor to the off-the-peg WTB dirt drops you'd see in later years.  Add in the magnificent original Steve Potts Charlie Cunningham original (thanks for the clarification @singletracktourist) fork and this is probably one of the most pristine examples of his early work.  

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